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It's been long a long time since Kyotoites have loved this taste.

Located in the Yase area in a renovated 'kadoiemoto' house with a welcoming atmospwhere.
Our restaurant Hanada specializes in mackerel sushi and this is our sixth years in business.
Our restaurant's choice selections of meckerel sushi are carefully selected from the back and bellycuts of the fish and skillfully prepared in easy-to-eat portions..
This is a local specialty in Yasefor tourist. Our restaurant's sushi meal is called 'Himesugata'.
We specially prepare 'Himeoshiki' which is rolled egg omlet expertly prepared in a Japanese flavored stock served with a side-bowldish.
The beautiful flooring decorations are changed monthly creating unique atmoswhere.

We wait for you with a heartfelt welcome!

Himeoshiki ¥1300

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